Facit Did you get it

Här är facit till “Did you get it” uppgifterna om du vill göra någon/några för att träna läsförståelse till diagnosen.

What do you want for breakfast? p. 10

The Clarks have got some: a, b, e, f, h, i, j

The Clarks haven’t got any: c, d, g

Nice to meet you! p. 13
1. Fraser and Olivia are on the beach. 2. Olivia is reading. 3. Fraser is flying a kite. 4. Fraser is holding a kite and also an ice cream. 5. They are from New Zealand. 6. They are staying at the seaside hotel.

Lets go on the Wild River Ride! p. 17
1. The original pier is over a hundred years old. 2. Olivia has got lots of 20s and some pound coins. 3. The doughnuts are one fifty each. 4. The Lanes is a really cool place with nice little shops. 5. Fraser hates shopping.